Born on 19th July 2020 in Windsor, I am a friendly, playful, and adventurous tabby domestic shorthair cat. I was adopted by Mommy on 8th October when I was a tiny cutie pumpkin. Like most adopted cats in North America, I am diagnosed with some chronic respiratory problems, which means I am more likely to sneeze, cough and struggle with a asthma attack than healthy cats. This is one of the reasons why Mommy builds this website; she cares about adopted pets with potential health issues, and she wants to improve the living condition of cats and dogs in her community. Mommy sets up this website for another reason; she wants to make up for lost time and company with her last cat - Minami. She's been feeling sorry for not giving him enough love and care in his later life, and therefore, she wants to treat me well and distribute her love to more animals in return.

Humans! I am Minami

I was born in 2002 and passed away in 2016. I was a bit shy and quite gentle, and I spent my whole life with Mommy and her parents. I witnessed many important events (Mommy went to high school, to university, and then graduated, and met her boyfriend and got married...). However, in 2014, Mommy made a living in another city, leaving me with her parents at home. In 2016, I died because I was too old and my grandparents were unable to take good care of me. My death painfully broke Mommy's heart. She has been missing me all the time, but I want to let her know that I am still watching her as an angel in heaven.